Saturday, September 14, 2013

The 1 crore idea!!

Mr.Rakesh is one of the top businessman in India. He is a nice person but so busy in his daily schedule that he didn't have time to spend quality time with his family. One day a young man in his office met him and told, that he has a wonderful idea with him that it is so powerful to save his valuable hours everyday. Young chap further added, "Try to follow this idea for one month and give me anything in return if it is worth it".

Rakesh took the offer and paid the young man 1 crore at the end of month.

Would you like to know what was the idea was ? It is simple but yet powerful.

"At the end of everyday, write down a list of five most important things to do tomorrow"

Although this idea looks simple, it is very useful for procrastinators like me who just keep postponing things to indefinite date. 

Timing of the list.. 

The list is written at the end of day when you have some free time compared to the mornings. Also your brain gets enough time to prepare at the subconscious level when you sleep for 6-9 hours. 

Only the most important..

It does not have long list of "to-do" things and contains only most important things not the easiest, fastest or most urgent. This makes you more organized and won't let you lost in the pile of things. 


A short pencil is better than the long memory. When you write things you are more committed to it. With lots of gadgets around you, you can stick to any of it or follow the conventional notepad.

Allows roll over..

If you tend to miss you any of the items, don't get disheartened. This method allows you to carry over and you already have items ready for tonight. Just make sure, it does not get carry over indefinitely.

Make a habit of creating this 'The Big 5 List' and share your experience (I don't mind rewards too!!) with it. 

Source : How to save an hour every day, Michael Heppell , 2011